How to order

Step 1 Register

To register with us is very simple and free! You will need to register with us before you can view any of the products we have to offer and to place orders.

Step 2 Add to cart

Browse the products by category, name, price or product code. once you have found a product you like simply click the "add to cart" button along with your quantity and continue browsing.

Step 3 Show cart

Once you have finished shopping click on the "Show Cart" button. Here you will be able to view and edit all the items in your Cart.

Step 4 Checkout

Here you will need to enter/update your billing and shipping information. This is very important and will only need to be done once, unless your information changes.

Step 5 Shipping / Delivery

Next you will need to select the method of shipping you require depending on your needs.

Step 6 Confirm and Comment

This step will allow you to review your order and confirm that all the data you have inserted is correct. Once you are satisfied and placed any additional info into the comments block then click on the "Confirm Order" button.

Step 7 Completion

You have now successfully placed an order. You will be able to vie and print your order form by following available link. That's it! No credit card payments. Just place your order and we will sort out the rest.

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